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A Murder is Announced, adapted from the book by Agatha Christie.

This will be directed by Becky James, a regular actress with us and last seen as a ‘merry wife’!

An experienced director for various other groups in Hampshire, we are delighted that she has agreed to direct for WMT

This is a classic Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identity, two deaths, a determined inspector and the inevitable Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution!

The play has a cast of 7 females and 5 males……..so lots of acting opportunities.

  • Performances will be in West Meon Village Hall 20th to 23rd April 2022
  • Rehearsals will start mid January
  • The play is now being cast

The Characters

Letitia Blacklock

This role requires a very strong actor as this is a meaty role in terms of lines to learn and also importance to plot along with character arch.  She is about sixty (this is flexible and will depend on the ages of all players so could be 50-70). Letitia had a very successful business career as the private secretary of an important business mogul and is heir to his fortune after his terminally ill wife, who is quietly dying in Scotland. She is (initially) a strong, calm and caring character, the centre of Little Paddocks and all that goes on in and around it.

Inspector Dermot Craddock-

Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard Craddock is a no-nonsense, thorough police officer.  He has a sharp wit but sometimes comes close to his wits end whilst herding the suspects.  Age wise this could be anything from late 30’s to 50’s.


The Cook/Housekeeper/butler at Little Paddocks, a fugitive from an unspecified European country. She/he claims that their mother, brother and sweet little niece have all been killed and believes that the Nazis, or perhaps the Bolsheviks are coming to kill her.  Tempestuous and temperamental he/she often becomes upset with other people.  Known for making a chocolate cake that Patrick Simmons, much to her dismay, calls Delicious Death.  Age 20’s-50’s.

Dora Bunner (Bunny)-

A school friend of Letitia and her sister Charlotte, Bunny is a ‘floaty’ character, not blessed with sense she spends most of the play very confused.  Very sweet and trusting, in her latter years she fell upon hard times and it was then that she wrote to Letitia asking if her old friend could help her. Letty asked her to live at Little Paddocks where she now resides as a companion to Letty.  (Age must match Letty)

Phillipa Haymes-

A young widow who is boarding at Little Paddocks she works as an assistant gardener for Mrs Lucas at Dayas Hall.  She has a son at boarding school.  Throughout the play Phillipa is calm and quite unemotional ‘unemotional English, without a spark of mischief’.  There is a warmth between Phillipa and Letty.  (Age 20’s-30’s)

Patrick Simmons-

A young cousin of Letty he and his sister Julia are staying at Little Paddocks. Patrick is handsome and charming and has a fondness for practical jokes. (Age 20’s-30’s)

Julia Simmons-

Patrick’s sister Julia is fun, flirty and mischievous. (Age 20’s-30’s)

Edmund Swettehnam-

Edmund lives with his somewhat overbearing mother near Little Paddocks.  He is a very earnest and rather self-important wrong man who claims to be a writer. (Age 20’s-30’s, dependent on age of Mrs Swettenham)

Mrs Swettenham-

Edmund’s mother Mrs Swettenham is a very protective of her son and a somewhat vacuous character who thinks of herself, and her son, first and the rest of the world a fairly distant second. (Age 40’s-50’s, dependent on age of Edmund)

Sgt Mellors-

A very typical Sgt character, honest, upright and a great support to Inspector Craddock.  This is a character where a lot can be done by facial expression and so shouldn’t be seen as a ‘small’ role. (age 20’s-50’s)

If you want to know more please do get in touch with Becky on 07562 718884







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